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A little About me

More throughout my life I've noticed how much humans are dependent on each other.  I've chosen to steer away from this style of living and begin a self sustaining life style. Interestingly enough, I began learning about Stocks and Dividends from an early age of 15 and I also took the same interest in gardening around that time.  
As more time went on, I invested more of my hard earned cash into myself and expanded my knowledge about investing and farming.  I've learned what I know about farming from mentors like Charles Dowding, Richard Perkins and Curtis Stone.  My interest in investing comes from my father and his father.  I would love for you to read more about them in my blog posts!

Please if you have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with; contact me today and see what I can do for you.

Albany, New York | | 518-605-8911

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