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Meet Dominic

Paisano means peasant.  It also means friend.  It's also some really good table wine.  Now it's also the name of where you get the best damn veggies you're ever going to taste.



My goal has always been to provide a high quality service to the people.  My self conscience doesn't let me see another option.  You will receive the highest quality products, services and recommendations I can provide.  I am an open book and strive to spread the knowledge I have accumulated and more importantly keep learning.


I vision my self finding a niche pretty soon in this farming community.  My current goal is a vegetable delivery box/fertilizer sales/farmers market owner and operator.  I've been thinking about adding Christmas trees to the list of passive incomes.  My end goal and dream for the past 5 years is owning a dinner service only farm-to-table restaurant.  I enjoy the aspect of using the highest quality ingredients with a small menu.  

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